Vintage Sticker Books

The sticker books feature a rich collection of various vintage patterns stickers. They come with flower, animal, plant, label, stamp, mushroom and more themes.  The sticker books are for adults to decorative our junk journal, scrapbooking, planner, gift package and other paper crafts.
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antique sticker book

Island Mountain PET Sticker Book

From $7.69 USD
retro sticker book

Washi Sticker Book 40 Sheets

From $12.49 USD

Poetic Silence Sticker Book

From $5.79 USD

Retro Pages Mini Sticker Book

From $3.79 USD

Merry Christmas Mini Sticker Book

From $2.86 USD

Pre-cut Washi&PET Sticker Book

From $5.96 USD