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My Scrapbook Journal Page

Welcome to ViVi Stationery! 🥰

Hi I am Megan, a big fan of vintage scrapbooking journal.

People always ask what's the point of doing this?

I still remember the first time I felt fall in love with scrapbooking journal.
I love art paintings ,and I think it is a best way to express our emotions and feelings. But I am not good at the drawing things. One day I found another way to draw - scrapbooking journal. I could use those papers and stickers to make an piece of art to express myself. When I write the diary, I also use these material to decorate my notebook.

When I feel anxiety , doing the journal make me feel relax and believe everything will be Ok. Instead of eating a lot to make me feel better, journaling is a better way to save myself.

It doesn't require any high skills. You could just do it in your way.

I am so happy that I could follow my dream to start my own business & be surrounded by aesthetic things all day, every day.

ViVi Stationery aims to provide vintage scrapbooking supplies, scrapbook paper, scrapbook stickers with good quality and low price. We hope to spread this love all over the world.

Everyone could be an artist. Everyone is an artist.

Thank you for everything!


- Megan @ViVi Stationery