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Our Story

It all began in 2022 when I discovered a way to heal myself: making scrapbook journals. Journaling became my therapy, even though I had no knowledge of drawing. Surprisingly, I could create beautiful artwork using pretty papers and stickers. It became the best way for me to relax and find comfort. The great thing is, no special skills were needed—just following my heart. Inspired to share this love with the world, I started my own small business – ViVi Stationery.

Why US

Whether you choose to purchase from us or not, our main goal is to provide assistance. We are all part of the same journaling community, and our aim is to support one another.

The best selection: We offer the best scrapbooking and journaling products. We thoroughly test products for usability and quality before listing them. We prioritize uniqueness and avoid similar items in the market. Each product has its own special feature.

Sample Package: Buying a complete collection of scrapbook supplies can be costly, and it may take a long time to use them all. That's why we offer split packages of scrapbook papers and stickers, featuring smaller quantities of each design. This way, you can enjoy a wider variety of options without breaking the bank. Save your money for our exciting new arrivals.

Fast shipping: we ship fast so you get your package quickly.

Exceptional Customer Support: Whether you reach out to us via email or through our social media channels, you will have direct communication with the store owner. We prioritize providing the best after-sales service, ensuring a personalized and direct connection for all your inquiries and concerns.


Our Warehouse



Order Packaging Process:

To ensure the safety of your items, we employ a multi-layer packaging approach. Typically, we use a combination of paper, bubble wrap, boxes, and bags. For smaller items, we utilize a bubble bag along with an additional bag. This comprehensive packaging method aims to protect your items from both rainy weather and potential damage during transit. Rest assured that before shipping, we carefully inspect all products that do not compromise their outer packaging to ensure they are in perfect condition.

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We are absolutely thrilled and genuinely grateful for your unwavering trust and support which motivates us to deliver the best. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Store Owner of ViVi Stationery
June 13, 2023