StickerEase Peel Assist Tool Mat

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Ever struggled with peeling stickers? We've all been there, especially with the clear backing of sticker, they're the trickiest. But now, with this adhesive mat, peeling becomes a breeze. It works wonders for PET, vellum, and washi stickers. A must-have tool in our arsenal.

How to use the mat:

Please remove the white paper on top of the mat before using.

Step1 Place one corner of the sticker on the mat.

Step 2 Press down firmly with your fingers or tweezers to ensure it sticks well.

Step 3 Use the tweezers to insert through the sticker.


Size: 90mm*90mm (3.543 inches x 3.543 inches)

Package: 1 sheet

Please note:

This board is hand-cut, so there may be slight variations in size and the edges may not be perfectly smooth. We appreciate your understanding.

Please put the white paper back on top of the adhesive surface to prevent dust accumulation and reduce stickiness.

The mat is a consumable item designed for adhesive use. It is reusable but its adhesive properties may diminish over time. As the adhesive weakens, it may not effectively adhere, necessitating the purchase of a new one.

Previously, the process involved manually pressing one corner of the sticker with fingers and then peeling it with tweezers, which often required multiple attempts to peel off and posed a risk of poking fingers. With the use of this mat, there is no longer concern about accidentally poking fingers during the process.

How to use video

Customer Reviews

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Yo my understanding this mat can only be used with the stickers that you buy from Vivi the tweezers are fantastic but my stickers don't stick to the mat but that's okay.

Hi, Please remove the white paper on top of the mat before using. It could work with different materials of stickers like PET, vellum, washi.


Love this product as I have no fingernails to peel off my stickers. Very easy to use.