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Tombow PR-MAS Glue Tape

$7.69 USD

This double-sided glue tape is perfect choice for junk journal, collage journal and scrapbooking. 

Incredibly light to pull until the end. The Pit Air tape glue is equipped with a unique "air touch system" mechanism, giving it a lighter and more comfortable grip than ever before. The newly developed "Powernet Tape" combines strong adhesion and good tear resistance. This is a new standard for tape adhesives with a thorough pursuit of comfort.

Reduces running noise from tape that is concerned about during use. You can glue it in quiet places without worrying about noise. Even if the unit is tilted, it instantly corrects the angle of the head for a uniform bond that is consistent. Refilling method is simple and easy. This ACID FREE is resistant to discoloration caused by the glue itself and oxidation of the parts applied to it.

The applicator is reusable, you could buy refill and change easily. You could save money too. 

Tape Width: 8.4 mm( inches); Capacity: 16 m ( inches)

Package: 1pc per pack.